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David Oscar Markus

David Markus has zealously and successfully represented defendants in high-stakes litigation at the trial level all the way to the Supreme Court. For example, David recently took on the government in a 141-count federal indictment against a doctor and won every count at trial. He takes part in all of the Firm’s cases, which at the present time includes executives and professionals charged with white collar offenses such as criminal antitrust, tax fraud, OFAC, mortgage fraud, medicare fraud, RICO, and securities fraud. To see David’s full profile, please click here.

Mona E. Markus

Mona E. Markus is an honors graduate of Harvard Law School.  Her recent successes include obtaining the dismissal of a federal criminal antitrust case against an executive, and a number of criminal and civil appellate victories in the Eleventh Circuit and in the Florida First District Court of Appeals. To see Mona’s full profile, please click here.

A. Margot Moss

A. Margot Moss is the current President of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Miami Chapter. She is a cum laude graduate of Temple University School of Law. Upon joining the firm, she immediately became an integral part of the Buju Banton trial team and tried the case with David Markus in the Middle District of Florida. Before joining Markus & Markus as a partner, Margot was a shareholder at Fowler White Burnett, P.A., where she handled federal and state criminal and civil litigation, including mortgage fraud, tax evasion, securities litigation, money laundering, and healthcare fraud. To see Margot’s full profile, please click here.

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