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  • Wickedly smart and a terrific trial lawyer....Clients say that Markus is ‘thrilling’ to watch in court and that ‘his passion, appreciation, and enjoyment for his work are contagious.’

  • One of the 16 “most influential lawyers in Miami.”



Markus/Moss is a nationally-recognized trial and appellate boutique law firm known for taking on and winning difficult criminal defense cases. The Firm’s lawyers are tenacious courtroom advocates who accept only a small number of high-stakes cases at any given time so that they can dedicate their full attention to every client. The Firm’s founder, David Oscar Markus, is a Harvard-educated lawyer who has been described as “wickedly smart and a terrific trial lawyer.” His clients say that he is “the whole package” and “a creative, courageous and tenacious courtroom advocate.”

The Firm handles a wide variety of criminal defense matters, with an emphasis in representing businessmen and professionals in federal white-collar prosecutions and appeals.  Markus/Moss has been widely recognized for its successful and creative work in courts around the country on matters ranging from non-white collar cases like DUI manslaughter and drug cases to the most complex criminal antitrust cases. Although many of the Firm’s cases are resolved without charges ever being brought (and therefore remain confidential), this website will give you a small sample of some of the public cases that the Firm has handled.  To learn more, please click here.



Recent Victories
  • On April 1, 2016, David Markus and Lauren Doyle obtained a not guilty verdict before Chief Judge K. Michael Moore in federal court.
  • David Markus was able to get former Baltimore Orioles’ outfielder Delmon Young’s case dismissed.  Here’s the TMZ report.
  • It was a summer of victories.  A trial not guilty, an appellate win, and a huge sentencing reduction.  Read more here.
Recent News
  • David Markus was quoted in POLITICO’s article on the battery case against Donald Trump’s campaign manager, explaining that there was no chance of conviction.
  • The 2015 Super Lawyers again named David Markus as one of best 100 lawyers in all of Florida and the 2015 National Law Journal named him a “Trailblazer” for White Collar Criminal Defense.
  • Margot Moss was elected as an officer of Legal Services of Greater Miami.

David Oscar Markus hosts the popular Southern District of Florida blog, which provides news and notes regarding federal practice in the Southern District of Florida.


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