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DUI Manslaughter cases

Markus/Moss has earned a reputation as one of the top firms in these very sad cases.  There are no winners in DUI Manslaughter cases and they are some of the most difficult cases in criminal defense.  As representative cases, the Firm represented UM student Ivanna Villanueva in her DUI Manslaughter case.  The case was resolved below the 4-year minimum mandatory to 3 years.  In another DUI Manslaughter case, David and Margot represented Alejandro Alvarez. That case also was resolved under the harsh 4-year minimum mandatory to 2 years in prison. Currently, the firm represents Isaias Medina, and recently resolved Andres Toro‘s DUI Manslaughter case.

Mr. Markus has also represented a number of high-profile clients in DUI cases, such as well-known chef Norman Van Aken and former Heat guard Robert Hite.  Both DUI cases were dismissed.

DUI Manslaughter cases

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