Forbes covers Cell Site Data Case before Supreme Court

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Forbes covers Cell Site Data case before the Supreme Court

The article quotes David Markus:

“The government’s behavior here makes the idea of 1984 and ‘Big Brother’ seem quaint. The government’s defense of its secret snooping into our cellphones is premised on cases that were decided well before phones were even dreamed up,” stressed Markus. “Numerous courts disagree and recognize that the feds shouldn’t be able to pry into the data from our cellphones without first getting a warrant. That’s not too much to ask when considering how much information is at stake here.”


“Everybody is sort of in limbo right now. The Graham case is in limbo. The Davis case is in limbo. Judges, police officers and lawyers are all in limbo,” David Markus, Davis’ attorney, said. “To me, limbo means that it is time for the Supreme Court to jump in. That’s my takeaway.”