Margot Moss profiled by Attorney At Law Magazine

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Margot Moss was profiled by Attorney At Law Magazine here:

Most of my life, I wanted to be a musician,” attorney Margot Moss says. “I studied classical piano, attended a performing arts high school and obtained my undergraduate and master’s degree in music. After years of performing and teaching, I decided that I wanted to do something different.”

Moss enrolled in law school. “I ended up loving the law and felt challenged by learning this new way of thinking,” she says. “Twenty years later, I’m still happy I made that choice to change my career.”

“I still believe in the idealistic notion that as a lawyer, I can help people and I can seek justice for my clients,” she continues.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Moss gives a voice to those who are normally voiceless. She considers her job as standing up for the underdog by challenging the courts to uphold constitutional rights. “I love defending someone who is being bullied by the overreaching of the government.”

“I represent people going through the most difficult times in their lives,” she says. “A criminal accusation doesn’t just affect the individual; families are torn apart, homes are lost, parents taken from their children, and bank accounts are drained. Whether the individual is guilty or innocent, it is extremely traumatic and stressful for the client.”

It’s difficult for the lawyer as well, according to Moss. The life of a criminal defense attorney is burdened with carrying the weight of a person’s liberty.